In a land of great ideas, it has been said that America’s National Parks is our greatest idea. Hard to argue with that.
Yet today, Park officials are rightly concerned as they see the average age of National Park visitors continue to rise. The reasons seem to be easy to understand. We live in an age where distractions come at us by the second resulting in countless ways for all of us to spend our time.That is apparently increasingly true of younger generations. They don’t appear to be flocking as much to any one of the jewels that make up our National Park system.
It also doesn’t help that our National Parks always seem to be on the budget chopping block in Washington. If our nation’s leaders don’t appear to be making the continued care and nurturing of our Parks a priority, why should anyone else?
The answer is simple. Without our National Parks in existence, entire ecosystems would likely be lost. They represent the preservation of the evolution of the earth as well as providing us with the most stunning and magnificent vistas imaginable. They’re also the places where we can gather with family and friends to simply enjoy being together and make lifelong memories.

My challenge to generations young and old is this: there is no greater cause that we should all be behind than to make sure America’s National Parks remain vital and vibrant. Our support doesn’t require much to start. All we each need to do is make sure we visit one every year or more frequently if possible. Every dollar each National Park makes through our visits is one more dollar to continue their mission and to make sure America’s greatest idea does not become America’s greatest shame.

The inspiration for this piece came from reading a recent article on MSNBC.

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