We’ve recently planned and executed multiple events for clients here at Crossroads. Along the way we’ve learned a few things to help accomplish a successful event. Here’s a roundup of event planning tips to help pull off a memorable event – no matter big or small – for attendees and clients alike.

  • Set an objective. Know well in advance before you start planning, brainstorming or researching vendors your objective for the event. Are you looking to hold a community event to receive feedback? Your objective may be to inform residents and have written feedback from all attendees. The objective will help you plan the location, the flow of the event and roles and responsibilities. Do you want to showcase a new product? Your objective could be to have 20 media attendees. This may mean you’ll focus more on the venue location, the decorations and invitations.
  • Have a plan B. This can be especially important for outdoor events with unforeseen weather hiccups. A vendor may not pull through or something may happen with the venue. You’ll have to adjust your initial plans. Having a plan B well in advance will help you be flexible and can help ensure the event is flawless.
  • Check list of nearby resources. It’s always a great idea to have a list of nearby or on-site resources in case you need something as simple as paper or ice immediately. Knowing where you can quickly pick up these items can be a big timesaver.
  • Meet your vendors in advance. This can sometimes be hard if you’re working on an event outside of your immediate area. If possible, plan to make a site visit and meet with vendors while you are there. Planning with people in person goes a long way to ensuring they know what is expected. They can also help develop your plan B.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities. Everyone should have a role and responsibility at the event. Also, everyone should be aware of and understand everyone else’s responsibility and role. This helps keep the event flowing and can help avoid possible issues.

Planning events can be fun and exhausting, but also extremely rewarding when you’ve put in the prep work and find success rain or shine.