It’s planning season for many of our clients at Crossroads. We create colorful PowerPoint decks filled with goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. Included are expansive timelines that push us through the fiscal year. It all serves a crucial purpose, but our planning shouldn’t stop there.

Among all of this preparation, public relations and advertising professionals sometimes forget to be flexible and capitalize on unforeseen opportunities. The bonus ideas born out of these situations often require little to no extra dollars and generate terrific results.

A pair of recent examples:

  • Winter Storm Nemo: With so many of the nation’s news outlets covering this winter storm, intuitive PR professionals pressed pause on their pitching efforts. Even savvier PR pros found a way to creatively tie their communication with the storm.
  • Oreo and the Super Bowl: Oreo’s quick thinking during the Super Bowl blackout led to an impromptu “You can still dunk in the dark” visual and quite possibly produced more value than its seven-figure advertising buy. Oreo executives and agency partners gathered in person to watch the game and help expedite the approval process should an opportunity arise. Brilliant.

 The timing for weather events and power outages is tough to predict. As a result, remember to leave some wiggle room in your planning for the yet-to-be determined wacky ideas that inevitably come up. They could come in handy and make you and your clients look awfully smart.


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