It’s not every day you get to escape the office for a play date.

Crossroads and Barkley partners recently spent the afternoon getting in touch with their inner-kids at Drumm Farm Center for Children. The organization offers on-site housing for families that provide foster care and stable home environments to children in Missouri’s foster care system. The students had the day off from school, so we thought we’d surprise them with a visit full of fun activities.

After being greeted with smiles and hugs at the door, we went straight into our first activity, a scrapbooking session. We had a blast helping the children design pages for their “Life Books” which archived some of their most cherished interests and experiences, including but not limited to: Santa Claus visits, birthdays, summer camps and family memories. It was a great way to get to know the kids and see their artistic accomplishments.

Our next activity really sweetened the deal: cookie decorating. The kiddos had fun topping sugar cookies with all their favorite candies such as M&Ms, gummy bears, jelly beans and sprinkles. Whether they chose to make candy fortresses or silly faces on their cookies, they all loved being chefs for the day. 

After snack time, we switched gears for a friendly game of kickball fueled by the thrill of newfound friendships and, admittedly, a cookie-induced sugar high. We were touched by the sportsmanship and compassion the children showed toward one another during the game. Regardless of which team they were on, they all rooted for one another. When someone made a mistake, others comforted them with a high five. When the little ones were at bat, the big kids called a timeout to provide instruction and direct them to first base. Drumm Farm is unique in that it keeps siblings together instead of splitting them up. This sense of family permeates the entire organization.

This was Crossroads’ second time volunteering at Drumm Farm Center for Children. We can’t wait to schedule our next visit.