When was the last time you really thought about your brand’s reputation and how it impacts your business?

In today’s world it’s not just what you say about your reputation that matters, it’s the stories others tell about you. Your marketing makes promises your customers expect you to keep. Crossroads helps clients keep those promises by aligning their communication efforts around their business objectives and brand values.

We do this with a two-step approach: THINK and DO. Big and small-picture strategic thinking combined with seamless execution leads to results.

You may need help developing an overarching strategy or you simply may need help making an already-developed strategy work. From a complete rebrand to helping marketing leaders sell their strategy, our seasoned Crossroads thinkers are experienced at both. As sound as a strategy may be, it falls short without flawless execution. We apply this expertise to everything we do:

Crossroads brand capabilties

Strategic planning Do you have peripheral vision? We do. It allows us to help you with your current needs and anticipate what your reputation may need in the future. Our secret? We’re curious.

Influencer relations Do you know who influences your reputation and are you friends with them? The media is still a critical influencer today, but so is the blogger who regularly talks about your industry. Building relationships with all of your brand influencers is critical.

Cause branding Does your cause branding platform advance societal and business goals? Is it authentic and sustainable? Does it say something about the brand? This is the essence of cause branding and the key to sustaining relevance with today’s busy consumer.

Crisis management Do you worry about IF a crisis may happen? Your real worry should be WHEN. Crossroads helps ensure you are ready. Our process makes crisis management part of your ongoing operations so you are ready, every day. And it allows you to sleep at night.

Internal Communications Are your internal audiences your biggest fans or your biggest enemies? They have the most access to your reputation and unlimited social and digital resources to support it or derail it. We help you create internal fans. Engage them, and they will help build your reputation.

Companies need to accept that telling the truth is the only option.

We specialize in helping brands communicate authentically and consistently across all levels of their marketing. Companies spend a lot of time and money researching public perceptions of their brand, products and services. Today, it is just as important to look inward to protect your reputation.

Crossroads makes it easy to ensure you are communicating authentically. With five simple questions we help uncover what is truly important to the organization so brands can live and communicate their real brand character in an honest and impactful way.

Let’s talk about how the answers to these five questions can help your brand.

And visit our portfolio for examples of how these five questions have helped our clients.