Mike Swenson
Mike Swenson loves a great story. He started his career as a broadcast journalist and then became press secretary to Kansas Governor John Carlin. Thirty years later, he’s running a public relations firm. As President of Crossroads, Mike’s favorite part of his job is when he sees the Crossroads team and clients celebrating a big idea that worked.
Lindsey DeWitte
Lindsey DeWitte chose PR because she likes thinking about and solving problems in a creative environment. The vice president/account director is a self-described farm girl who tempers her perfectionist tendencies by striving for excellence. She doesn’t let a day go by without family time and a little fresh air.
Jennifer Cawley
Jennifer Cawley believes in the power of a brilliant idea. To fuel this vice president/account director’s personal creativity and perspective, Jennifer remains a student of the world and loves travel, new experiences, volunteer work and taking random (Afro-Brazilian Samba, anyone?) classes. She can be easily bribed with a good mix tape or a spoonful of Nutella.
Wendy Fitch
Wendy Fitch was drawn to PR because of the opportunity to be the one creating the stories behind brands and helping to shape their destinies. As an account director, Wendy loves her three Cs: her clients, her colleagues and the Crossroads culture. She values trusting relationships, embraces smiles, is a fan of fun and has a heart for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson could make friends and communicate with a brick wall if necessary. That’s why public relations is a perfect fit for this account supervisor. She loves the variety of the day-to-day and describes herself as loyal, compassionate and striving to live a happy and healthy life.
Chase Wagner
Chase Wagner goes to work every day to change the world in some way. The account supervisor is passionate about what he does, active all the time and incredibly extroverted. The Mizzou alum loves to learn and help his clients find unique solutions to challenges.
Anita Strohm
As an account supervisor, Anita Strohm loves that no day is ever the same in the communication field. The friend, wife, mother and PR professional enjoys knowing that sharing news can help make a difference or simply make someone happy.
Brooke Fairchild
There’s never a dull moment for Account Supervisor Brooke Fairchild. Staying cool, calm and collected, Brooke always has a smile on her face and loves that her career in public relations provides her the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. She’s an Iowa girl at heart who lives to love her family, friends and anything chocolate.
Robert Marts
Media Specialist Robert Marts is a master marketer, critical thinker, business planner and number cruncher. He’s also known as the Crossroads media specialist. Robert enjoys working for Crossroads and loves collaborating with his team every day.
Kelli Hindes
Kelli Hindes enjoys interacting with a variety of people and loves a good challenge. Every day holds something different for this senior account manager, which makes work interesting while keeping her on her toes. She’s a fun-loving, hardworking Southerner who loves spending time with her family, friends and, of course, her dogs.
Ada Johnson
As an account manager Ada Johnson gets the chance to bring her passion for inspiring people to ‘do good’ in life every single day. Propelled by her experiences traveling and teaching abroad, she loves being a part of Crossroads’s unique cause branding platform. This quintessential Kansas girl is a practicing artist with a knack for painting and one serious Michigan Football addiction.
Christi Davis
Christi believes in approaching every task with a positive attitude and a smile. Public relations was the perfect choice for this account manager who enjoys creative problem solving and strategic thinking. She’s an only child from Colorado and loves her parents, a good book and fresh mountain air.
Andrea Franz
Andrea discovered her love of public relations through her knack for problem solving and tackling projects from all angles. This assistant account manager thrives in a high-paced environment and loves working with positive people. With a passion for photography and traveling the great unknown, Andrea is always on the hunt for her next adventure and loves a good to-do list.
Jane Monaghan
Jane chose PR as the perfect career field to combine her creative spirit and business mindset. As an assistant account manager, she loves to serve a different role every day while seeing a big idea take effect. This Mizzou Tiger fan is also a passionate musician who loves spending time with friends and family.