Fùtbol Fever+

The quadrennial spectacle that is the #WorldCup is underway. Team USA is off to a great start after a late...

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Being Real on the Inside+

Crossroads turns two this month. It’s been a great ride with a terrific group of partners who don’t just show...

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Making Sense of the Senseless+

This time it wasn’t somewhere else. This time we didn’t watch from afar. This time the senseless act happened at...

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Why We Do What We Do+

It’s often difficult to improve upon the wisdom of popular sayings. A perfect example is the one that goes “If...

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A Stout Lesson in Sponsorships+

Nothing seems more natural during a St. Patrick’s Day parade than enjoying a frosty brew. Marketers at Guinness, Heineken and...

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The Perfect Pitch+

In the world of public relations, bringing big, national brands to life on a local or community level is a...

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Three Things Michael Sam Did Right+

In the last few weeks, Michael Sam has completely taken over the media. As an All-American football defensive lineman from...

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Leaving On a Jet Plane+

 Leaving on a jet plane: Joining a global network for collaboration, learning and fun Next week, a Crossroads colleague and I...

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