Don’t say things have gotten too complicated.

They’re not.

Don’t say you don’t understand social media.

You do.

Don’t say you don’t understand the way the world works these days.

It works the same way it always has.

The more we need


The more we need

Common Sense

Common Courtesy

Common Decency

Common Ground

Consider this your formal invitation

to a dinner party

with every single person in the world.

What are the rules?

You already know them.

Be yourself

Be polite

Be courteous

Listen before you talk.

Compliment someone. Sincerely.

Try not to sound full of yourself.


Be relevant.

Be real.

Have a good time.

Make friends.

Find common ground.

Maybe then, people will listen to what you’ve got to say.

Maybe then, you’ll get invited back.

The future is here

and you’re in it.

Let’s talk.


Real. Communication.